BroadBand Tower's Network

BroadBand Tower's high-capacity Internet backbone connects to major IXs and ISPs in Japan, providing a fast and stable Internet environment.

Network Overview

BroadBand Tower's data centers are carrier-neutral and can provide the optimal combination of various network services according to customer needs without being limited to specific carriers or providers.
We provide high-bandwidth, high-speed, low-latency Internet access service through our core networks located in Otemachi, Tokyo, and Dojima, Osaka, core parts of the Internet in Japan.
In addition to the connection between our own data centers, we also provide DCI between our data centers and partner data centers, supporting bandwidths from 1 Gbps to the high rate of 100 Gbps.
Layer 2 and Layer 3 closed connections to public clouds, mainly AWS, Azure, and GCP, with redundant DC connections are available.
In the data centers located in the Otemachi area (New Otemachi Site, Site No. 1), you can connect to multiple IXs and carriers via on-site fiber. Access is also available by DCI from Sites No. 3 and No. 5, partner data centers.

Service Overview


Internet Access Service

High-Speed, High-Quality Communication
We provide high-bandwidth, high-speed, low-latency service through our core networks located in Otemachi, Tokyo and Dojima, Osaka, the core of the Internet in Japan.
Fault-Tolerant IP Network
We provide a fault-tolerant IP network with full redundancy of all circuits and devices for internal and external site connectivity.
Multiple Connection Options
High-bandwidth connections available from 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps. Connect via data center cross connect, private leased line, or IX (Internet Exchange)
Solid Security
Features and options for DoS/DDoS protection:
・RTBH function (for IP transit service)
・NetGu@rd+, Automatic DDoS detection/protection service (optional)

dc.connect NeX Service

Seamless connection to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) via our private line service.
dc.connect NeX (dc.connect Network eXchange), utilizes our closed network to provide a flexible connection between data centers.

This service provides 1:1 virtual circuits or 1:N virtual networks which you can utilize to connect your racks in our data centers as well to connect with public cloud providers.

To use this service, at least one "Port Connection" contract, a contract for connecting to our closed network, and one "Connection Service" contract, corresponding to the destination and type of the connection, are mandatory. You can combine multiple "Connection Service" contracts, each with a specified bandwidth, with one "Port Connection" contract.

Features of dc.connect NeX

We provide connections that meet the usage of the network between data centers and shared cloud connections.

Connections between customer's racks within service locations (Customer Connect)
Connections between customer's racks in cloud-compatible centers and service locations (Cloud Connect)
Connections between cloud services or racks are available at diverse speeds ranging from 50Mbps to 10Gbps

Customers can select the connection methods according to the purpose of the network.

1:1 Cross Connect Connection (WIRE)
1:N Wide Area Network Connection (NET)

dc.connect NeX Direct Connect Circuit

A port provisioning service including in-house cabling which connects your device to the dc.connect NeX closed network.

We arrange in-house cabling and port reservations for dc.connect NeX equipment and customer devices.
Available Media
○ 100GBase-LR4
○ 10GBase-LR
○ 1000Base-LX
○ Media Conversion Options ・1000Base-T
Service Locations (As of April 2022)
○ BroadBand Tower New Otemachi Site, Site No. 1, Site No. 3, Site No. 5
○ Connected Data Centers (CC1, TY4)

dc.connect NeX Customer Connect

This service connects racks between our various service locations.

Connectivity between customer racks at different locations is established via an L2 point-to-point connection.

We provide connectivity between customer equipment by taking advantage of the existing dc.connect NeX port.
Available Bandwidth options (bps)
50M 100M 200M 300M 500M 1G 2G 3G 5G 10G
1:1 connection per port
○ 1:1 connection that occupies specified port bandwidth
○ User can use any VLAN from 1 - 4090
1:1 connection per VLAN
○ Connectivity across different VLANs is available
○ Optional Bandwidth configuration per VLAN
○ Ability to designate destinations per VLAN

We provide private wide area network connectivity between customer racks in multiple locations by utilizing a L3 VPN (Layer3 IP Virtual Private Network) connection.

We provide connectivity between customer equipment by taking advantage of the existing dc.connect NeX port.
Available Bandwidth Options (bps)
○ 50M 100M 200M 300M 500M 1G 2G 3G 5G 10G
- 1:N Connection per VLAN
○ Optional Bandwidth Configuration per VLAN
○ Ability to Designate Destinations per VLAN
Provided Routing Protocols
○ Route exchange via BGP
○ For non-BGP-compliant equipment, Static Route is available as an option.

dc.connect NeX Cloud Connect

This service provides connectivity between various public cloud connection centers and customer racks.

Customers can take advantage of closed connections to a number of public cloud connection points in Tokyo.
Supported Cloud Services
○ Amazon Web Services (AWS)
○ Microsoft Azure
○ Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

DCI Service
(Data Center Interconnect Service)

We provide a Data Center Interconnect service starting from 1 Gbps up to large bandwidths of 100 Gbps.


Low price and quick installation compared to leased carrier lines.
Available bandwidths: 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps, 100 Gbps
※ Only available between selected data centers
Locations: New Otemachi Site, Site No. 1, Site No. 3, Site No. 5, partner data centers (Please contact us for details)

NI Service
(Network Integration Service)

BroadBand Tower offers consultations, design, deployment and operation services for routers, storage networks, cloud connection platforms and other data center necessities.
We also offer WAN services that puts together leading local and international carriers, as well as the construction of networks within customer sites.

Past Projects

ISP backbone network (router, L3 switch, NAT Firewall)
IP network for a content delivery platform (L3 switch)
Private cloud platform (Firewall, L2 switch)
Network between the data center and customer buildings (leased line, router)
Office network (router, L3 switch, wireless LAN access point)



24/7/365 Service Desk

  • Support via email and phone
  • Phone calls (operator / automated phone)
  • Accept unmonitoring requests
  • Setting changes
    ※Business hours only
  • Other inquiries related to specifications
    ※Business hours only

Related Products

As the scale of DoS/DDoS attacks continue to grow, we are here to protect customer networks and services
  • NetGu@rd+


(NetGuard Plus)

We protect customer networks and services from large-scale DoS/DDoS attacks.

NetGu@rd+ is an optional service designed for customers using BroadBand Tower's network service/c9 Flex service.

By detecting and reducing DoS/DDoS attacks at a higher network level than the Firewall/IPS installed in the customer network, NetGu@rd+ will protect customer servers, network devices, and Internet connection.
Overview Diagram


NetGu@ard+ is a service that filters out malicious traffic before it enters a customer's network by installing an anti-DDoS system in BroadBand Tower's high-capacity backbone network.

Protection policy fit for your network

We will learn and analyze traffic to the target network prior to the start of service.
A protection policy made based on that analysis will be created for the customer network and will allow for an accurate and high-quality filtering out of unwanted traffic.

Selective blocking of dangerous traffic

During normal times, the network traffic analyzer will be monitoring traffic. When an abnormality is detected, all traffic towards customer servers/network will be pulled to the anti-DDoS system. The anti-DDoS system will assess and forward the traffic back to customer servers/network after cleaning of the unwanted traffic.

Abundant Report Features

Customers will be able to check reports on how many DoS/DDoS attacks were detected and reduced on a dedicated portal.

Extensive Service Menu

Customers can start small, targeting even a single IP address for protection. We also offer a spot service for customers who only need DDoS protection for a limited time. Settings changes are available for all service options, allowing you to add more targets for protection as needed.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or requests regarding our services.
Telephone inquiry
Reception hours 9:30 - 17:00 JST (weekdays only, excluding holidays)
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