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Data Center

New Otemachi Site
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BroadBand Tower's Reliable and Secure Metropolitan Data Centers
Customers continue to choose us for our expertise in data center management, track record in working with major corporations, and extensive service solutions.
  • Metropolitan
    Excellent Locations
    Our data centers are located in the business hubs of Tokyo's 23 metropolitan wards as well as Umeda, a major commercial district in Osaka.
  • High-Speed & Low-Latency
    High-Capacity Bandwidth
    High-speed, stable network services are provided through direct connection to our high-capacity backbone.
  • High Power
    High Spec
    High power racks can accommodate Resource-intensive devices such as GPU servers, which are indispensable for AI and other applications.
  • Robust
    Data centers with a hybrid seismic damping structure, fully capable of withstanding a seismic intensity class 7 earthquake (highest on the Japan Meteorological Agency seismic intensity scale) Safe even when facing a large-scale disaster.
  • Carrier-neutral
    Our data centers are carrier-neutral facilities so customers can install any carrier of their choice.
  • Data Center Construction & Operation Services
    We support data center construction and operation with over 20 years of data center operation expertise.

High-capacity, high-speed, and carrier-neutral Internet connection

We offer high-capacity bandwidth services of up to 100 Gbps per line with redundant configuration.

By selecting the right bandwidth and configuration fit for your needs, you can enhance the reliability of your Internet business.

Data Center operation backed by professional experience.

With our more than 20 years of data center construction and operation experience, coupled with our brand new cutting-edge "New Otemachi Site" located in the heart of Japan's Internet business sector, we are the one-stop shop for all your data center needs.

Metropolitan Data Centers

Our Tokyo data centers are easily accessible from within Tokyo's 23 wards, with only 30 minutes to an hour necessary to reach them. Our Nishi-Umeda Site is no exception, located conveniently within a 10-minute walking distance from Umeda, the center of business in Osaka. Because of this, you can prevent the impact to your business even for urgent on-site work or emergency maintenances.

The Chiyoda, Tokyo site is located near a dense concentration of Internet circuits in Japan, making our response to Internet outages lightning fast.
Durable Facilities Prepared for Large-Scale Disasters
Meeting seismic resistance and safety standards, our data centers are reliable even facing a large-scale disaster. We offer comprehensive disaster recovery solutions utilizing the geographic redundancy of our data centers in both the Tokyo metropolitan and Kansai areas.
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