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BroadBand Tower supports many of Japan's Internet services, including top portal sites and e-commerce sites, video distribution sites, and social media.
We support the massive volumes of data generated daily by these Internet services (big data) through our data centers and cloud service, providing the latest storage products and services for big data.

Data Center Services

BroadBand Tower's data centers are secure, highly flexible facilities with high-capacity, high-speed Internet connections and comfortable server operation environments.
We have been chosen by many clients for our highly-rated integrated solutions and expertise in data center operations, based on a performance record dominated by major corporations. more

Data Center Construction & Operation Services

With our more than 20 years of data center construction and operation experience, coupled with our brand new cutting-edge "New Otemachi Site, we are the one-stop shop for all your data center needs. more

Network Service

BroadBand Tower's high-capacity Internet backbone connects to major IXs and ISPs in Japan, providing a fast and stable Internet environment. more

Cloud Service

Cloud Service Our c9 cloud service provides flexible, open cloud environments for all service layers, from HaaS and IaaS to SaaS.
We resolve any issues related to cloud operations through comprehensive support, whether installation support including the configuration, engineering, and construction of cloud environments optimized to clients' requirements, operational support such as system optimization, cost estimation, and automation for every kind of operation, or business continuity support like disaster recovery and backup.

Storage Products

Storage Products A single, powerful solution for issues with previous storage systems like scalability, management complexity, and availability, EMC's "Isilon" scale-out NAS platform uses the company's exclusive distributed file system OneFS to create a completely virtual storage environment.
BroadBand Tower also distributes Scality's "RING" petabyte-scale, software-defined storage product.

Big Data / IoT (Internet of Things)

Big Data / IoT As we enter the IoT era, in which anything and everything can be connected to the Internet, we are seeing sweeping changes in areas ranging from industrial and social frameworks to individual lifestyles.
BroadBand Tower offers solutions to the diverse needs of the IoT era including services to collect, store, analyze, and visualize big data generated by various sensors as well as platforms for the analysis of big data.

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