Corporate History


December New shares and eleventh share acquisition rights are issued due to the signing of a capital and business alliance agreement as well as allocation to third party.
December Mobile Internet Capital, Inc., becomes an equity method affiliate.
December Some shares of A.I. Squared, Inc., are transferred.
August GiTV Fund II Investment, L.P., is set up.
June Liquidation of consolidated subsidiary BBTOWER SAN DIEGO INC. is completed.


December Consolidated subsidiary BBTOWER SAN DIEGO INC. is dissolved, with liquidation set to be completed in March 2021.


August Second phase of construction on New Otemachi Site is completed.
January TSS LINK, Inc., becomes a wholly owned subsidiary.
January IoT Square, Inc., ceases to be a consolidated subsidiary due to the transfer of all shares.


October Solar power plant in Hofu City, Yamaguchi, is transferred.
October Okinawa Cable Network Inc. becomes a subsidiary of consolidated subsidiary Japan CableCast Inc.
August New Otemachi Site opens in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
July All shares of BBF, Inc., are transferred.
June Ingenico Japan Co., Ltd., is removed from the scope of the equity method due to transfer of shares.
June Solar power plant in Nikko City, Tochigi, is transferred.
January GiTV Fund I Investment, L.P., is set up.


December Equity method affiliate BBF, Inc., is removed from the scope of the equity method due to the split and transfer of shares.
December Head office is moved to Hibiya Park Front, 2-1-6 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
October Japan CableCast Inc. becomes a subsidiary (ownership: 50.4%).
October IoT Square, Inc., is established to provide services utilizing the IoT.
June Some shares of consolidated subsidiary BBF, Inc., are transferred to HITO-Communications Inc. (ownership after transfer: 23.5%).
May Consolidated subsidiary A.I. Squared, Inc., forms a capital and business alliance with MEDIA DO Co., Ltd.
March Global IoT Tech Investment Partnership I is set up.
March Equity method affiliate Lyudia, Inc., changes its name to Ingenico Japan Co., Ltd.


October Consolidated subsidiary A.I. Squared, Inc., begins operating a next-generation contact center.
June Third solar power plant opens in Nikko City, Tochigi.
February Global IoT Technology Ventures, Inc. established for the purpose of discovering and supporting up-and-coming IoT startups.


December A.I. Squared, Inc. established to provide artificial intelligence solutions.
April Site 5 opens in Tokyo's Koto Ward.
March Company invests in US-based EverySense, Inc. with goal of expanding into IoT (Internet of Things) business.
February Second solar power plant opens in Minakami Town, Gunma.


June BroadBand Tower becomes first Japanese company to receive CSA STAR Certification for cloud security.


August Solar power plant operations launched in Hofu City, Yamaguchi.
Lyudia, Inc. established to provide solutions for payment agencies.
July Consolidated subsidiary BBF, Inc. establishes a subsidiary in Shanghai, China (now a consolidated subsidiary).


December Consolidated subsidiary Branch-Out Design Co., Ltd. and its wholly-owned subsidiary Branch-Out Co., Ltd. merge to form Branch-Out Co., Ltd. (trade name post-merger).
September Head office moved to Uchisaiwaicho Tokyu Building, 1-3-2 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
August Consolidated subsidiary BBF, Inc. acquires all shares of apparel designer and marketer Branch-Out Design Co., Ltd. Through this acquisition, both Branch-Out Design Co., Ltd. and Branch-Out Co., Ltd. become consolidated subsidiaries of BroadBand Tower, Inc.


September New shares allocated to third party (Yahoo Japan Corporation).
June Consolidated subsidiary BBF, Inc. launches new T-commerce support services.


March Consolidated subsidiary BBF, Inc. allocates new shares to third party (Mitsui & Co., Ltd.).


June Nishiumeda Site opens.
January FlexHosting (now c9 Flex) managed hosting service launched.


October BroadBand Tower, Inc. absorbs BroadBand Tower PE Inc. (formerly Index Solutions PE) in a merger.
Company signs an agreement with Isilon Systems (now EMC Corporation) to sell its "Isilon" scale-out NAS platform.


November Site 3 opens.
October BBF, Inc. established as consolidated subsidiary.
August Company listed on Hercules Market of Osaka Securities Exchange.


November Site 2 opens.


April Company name changed to BroadBand Tower, Inc.


November JPIX Otemachi Site 2 opens.


July Site 1 opens.
April Toranomon Site begins service (later integrated with Site 1).
February Company founded as Global Center Japan Corp.

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