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New Otemachi Site

New Otemachi Site
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Main Features

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    Internet Hub

    Strategically located in the area of a high concentration of IXs (Internet Exchanges), high-speed communication and large data transfer is available.
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    Business and Finance Hub

    Perfect for collaborating with various types of organizations and businesses.
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    Direct Connect to Otemachi Station

    Quick access to on-site work.




Flexible connectivity with major IX providers.
Having secured high-level connectivity with major IX providers in Japan, together with a substantial fiber network, this site is a suitable base for high-volume content distribution companies, vital network service operations, and fintech-related businesses.

In addition, utilization of circuits from Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation (NTT East) at different stations and with different routes is available. This disperses the risk of communication lines being cut off during a circuit outage or disaster.

Rack Power

Actual power per rack 6kVA*
・Standard power supply is AC 200V 30A × 2 diverse lines per rack

* Standard power

Power Supply

Highly reliable power supply facilities
・Dual commercial power supply: main and backup
・Power generators in a N+1 redundant configuration, running up to 72 hours without refueling.

Providing the systems necessary for data center operations

Hybrid Seismic-movement mitigation system
To reduce the damage to the pillars, beams, and floors that support the building, we deployed two types of vibration control materials, providing resistance anywhere from small to large earthquakes.

The Otemachi district has also been designated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as an area with the lowest risk of building collapse and fires during an earthquake and does not require large-scale evacuations. The electricity, gas, and heat infrastructure were also built with an emphasis on safety, achieving high durability and quick disaster recovery.

Security Management

24-hour staffed entrance system
Two-step verification: Visitors to the data center are screened face-to-face by reception staff and must pass a biometric authentication system at entrance gates. By combining a biometric access control system and a 24-hour staffed entrance, our facility achieves a high level of security.
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Video service
Video Remote Hands / Video Concierge

By utilizing video conference tools, we can operate equipment inside racks, storage, and cages on behalf of customers.


Customers (remote location) can cross-check the work status with our engineers (on-site) through real-time video conferences.
Prior preparation of procedure manual is not required.(We may ask for a procedure manual or prior arrangements depending on the service.)
Service Location: New Otemachi site, Site No. 1 (Please contact us for details)


Power-Receiving System Dual commercial power supply: main and backup
Emergency Power N+1 redundant UPS & emergency private power generator
Seismic Resistance Hybrid vibration control structure
Air-Flow System Top-Down system
Fire Extinguishing System Gas fire extinguishers & ultrasensitive smoke detectors
Floor Access & Height Unavailable
Floor Load Capacity 1,800 kg/m2
Room Temperature 24 ℃ ± 3 ℃
Security 24-hour staffed entrance
Access control system
(Biometric authentication)
Security cameras

Monitoring System


24/7/365 Service Desk

  • Round-the-clock monitoring staff
  • Security system monitoring
  • Security surveillance cameras
    (24-hour recording)
  • Continuous electric current monitoring
  • English operation support


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or requests regarding our services.
Telephone inquiry
Reception hours 9:30 - 17:00 JST (weekdays only, excluding holidays)
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