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Hiroshi Fujiwara, Ph.D. / Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Since our founding in 2000, we have provided data center services, cloud services, and storage solutions, primarily to the Internet industry in the form of portal, e-commerce, and digital content sites operated by customers in a wide range of industries, including distribution and manufacturing.
While we are not visible to regular users of the Internet, you will find our business behind the scenes at the services everybody utilizes.

In the 20 years since its commercialization, the Internet has revolutionized society. We have shifted from telephone-centric transmission of information to a new structure in which the Internet has become the cornerstone, causing a transformation of society and creating entire new industries. The source of Internet information itself has also shifted from the first-generation-portal type such as Yahoo!, Amazon, and Google (where service providers such as search engines, e-commerce and content providers were the source of information), to the second-generation SNS-type typified by Facebook and Twitter, where the users of the Internet themselves have become the source of information. Now we are facing another major transition, the shift to the third-generation Internet of Things (IoT), where objects as well as people are becoming generators of information.

Meanwhile, television is also evolving, with the current mainstream HDTV (2K) moving to 4K and 8K with four and 16 times the resolution, respectively. In response to increasing diversification in viewer needs, Internet video delivery services are entering a new phase of growth.

With the "video delivery and IoT" era about to begin in earnest, the Company is leveraging its previous experience to position IoT and video delivery services as new core businesses of the firm. This will in turn force the existing core businesses of data center services, cloud services, and storage solutions to evolve further. In this way, we aim to contribute even further to the creation of value at all of our customers in a manner appropriate to the era of video delivery and IoT.

Hiroshi Fujiwara, Ph.D.
Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer

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