The 5G (fifth-generation) data center planned by BroadBand Tower will support 5G mobile and other next-generation ICT infrastructure aimed at the Internet of Things (IoT), pursuing the specifications demanded by an era in which a wide variety of devices, sensors, and many other things are connected to the internet on a full scale.

New Otemachi Site (Chiyoda City)
Power-Receiving System Dual-line system (main line and backup line)
Emergency Power UPS with N+1 redundant configuration; private backup generator (72 hours of power)
Seismic Resistance Hybrid earthquake-resistant structure
Air-Conditioning System Down-flow system
Firefighting Equipment Gas fire extinguishers; ultrasensitive smoke sensors
Access Flooring Unavailable
Floor Load Capacity 1800kg/㎡
Room Temperature 24℃±3℃
Security 24-hour staffed entrance
Access system (biometric)
Security cameras
Power Supply (Standard) AC 200 V/30 A × two grids (Apparent power: 6 kVA)


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