BroadBand Tower takes aim
at 5G (fifth-generation) data centers.

With the birth of the internet, the first-generation data centers that had emerged for mainframe operations evolved into the second generation of open data centers used by internet service providers (ISPs) and web service operators. These, in turn, developed into the third generation of data centers connecting internet portals at high speeds via internet exchanges (IXs), and the fourth generation of data centers designed for flows of human information, such as social media.

Now, a fifth generation of 5G data centers is being innovated for the era of the IoT, connecting not just humans but all kinds of “things.”

Founded in 2000, BroadBand Tower is looking ahead to the year 2020 and focusing on the provision of 5G data centers, starting with the planning of a new data center to open in Tokyo’s Otemachi district in August 2018.

Evolution of Data Centers


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