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BroadBand Tower
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「New Otemachi Site」

This new facility planned by internet data center (iDC) pioneer BroadBand Tower is located in Otemachi, a district with unparalleled transportation access. It was born as part of a large-scale redevelopment project aimed at realizing a next-generation business environment and urban model.

The new data center will support 5G mobile and other next-generation ICT infrastructure aimed at the Internet of Things (IoT), pursuing the specifications demanded by an era in which a wide variety of devices, sensors, and many other things are connected to the internet on a full scale.

Located in Otemachi,
Japan’s internet capital

The data center is located in the Otemachi district of Tokyo’s Chiyoda City, one of Japan’s top business centers, inside a building constructed as part of one of the Japanese government’s leading redevelopment projects. This highly convenient location is quickly accessible for onsite work.


Internet capital

High-capacity, high-speed communications available


Business/financial center

Ideal for partnering with various organizations and businesses


Directly connected to Otemachi Station (to be linked in 2020)

Quickly accessible for onsite work

Flexible connectivity with major IX providers

The data center will boast exceptional connectivity with major Japanese internet exchange (IX) operators, making it optimally suited as a base for businesses with high-volume traffic such as streaming content providers, mission-critical internet-related businesses, and finance and FinTech-related businesses.

Different stations/routes

Communication lines operated by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation (NTT East) can be used through different stations and routes. This dispersion reduces the risk that communication lines will be disrupted in the event of a line outage or disaster.

Connections between data centers

The New Otemachi Site will be directly connected with BroadBand Tower’s existing Site 1 so that both data centers can be used seamlessly.

Cutting-edge facilities and equipment
to support business continuity

Approximately seventy-two hours of generator power

In addition to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with an N+1 redundant configuration, generators can supply power for approximately seventy-two hours. This means enough power to last for three days, the amount of time it is expected to take for lifelines to be restored in the event of a large-scale disaster.

Hybrid earthquake-resistant structure

In order to prevent damage to columns, beams, floors, and other structural components that directly support the building, two different kinds of earthquake-resistant members are arranged effectively to ensure a high degree of seismic performance, no matter the intensity of the earthquake.

Cutting-edge security system

An access system using the latest biometric technology is implemented along with an entrance staffed twenty-four hours a day to assure exceptional safety.

Secure operation and monitoring system

With expertise in system operations and monitoring acquired since the early days of the internet, we provide around-the-clock support to ensure stable operations for clients’ systems.

Resolving issues with technical
and solution-providing capabilities

Dedicated engineers provide each client with sophisticated and flexible solutions tailored to a wide range of needs, and taking advantage of not only BroadBand Tower’s own services but also its alliances with partners.


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