Data center construction and
operation services

Supporting the construction and operation of next generation data centers

Data Center Construction and Operation Services provides support for the construction of highly efficient and profitable next-generation data centers according to the objective and intended use and efficient data center operation based on the latest knowledge to foreign and domestic businesses and corporations that are already running or attempting to build a data center as well as businesses and investors that are starting data center businesses.

Applying professional know-how to data center operation

Data centers are facilities designed to safely operate computers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without any downtime, and they have become a form of social infrastructure which is essential to people's daily lives.

After the 5G era begins in 2020, it is expected that data center demand will increase, and the market scale will expand. Furthermore, as the market grows, investments in data centers by overseas content vendors and the Japanese domestic manufacturing industry as representative examples will further accelerate.
Currently, there is a strong demand to utilize and train personnel who specialize in the operation of data centers.

BroadBand Tower is combining its data center construction know-how, which includes the cutting-edge "New Otemachi Site" established in the center of the Japanese internet in Otemachi, with twenty years of data center management know-how to offer various one-stop services for constructing and operating data centers.

Optimal data center construction and operation support according to the intended use

- Consulting services for data-center operations

We propose concrete strategies for improvement of data centers and server rooms based on identification of issues and challenges, and support increased reliability in operating effectiveness and equipment utilization, enhancement of power usage effectiveness (PUE) through improvements to the efficiency of air conditioning, etc.

- Data center construction support

We support various data center operations, including the construction of new data centers and the rebuilding of existing facilities (design, construction, and equipment), equipment selection and procurement (UPS, emergency generators, air conditioning, etc.), and the selection and procurement of networking equipment.

- Staffing, training support, and organizational development

We support the development of operational structures on the personnel and organizational sides, including the hiring of operations staff and equipment managers, various forms of training, and the development of a management organization.

- Providing the systems which are necessary for data center operation

We support the construction and operation of the optimal systems (equipment management, customer management, DCIM, and security) for your data center.

*DCIM is an acronym of Data Center Infrastructure Management. The infrastructure is managed by visualizing the assets inside the data center to focus on cost reductions and efficient operation.


Data center operation contracting and support

We contract and support the daily operation of data centers including operational tasks and equipment management tasks, etc.

- Data center maintenance management

Daily operational tasks, data center equipment maintenance management, customer support, building access management, routine inspections, loaning of equipment, etc.

- Line management operations

Port management of new and existing communication cables, cable routing design, etc.

- Power management operations

Current and voltage monitoring, etc. for each customer and rack

- Data center environmental management

Temperature and humidity management, etc.

- Optimization of data center operation

Optimization of the air conditioning within the data center using CFD and optimization of the operation, etc.

- Management of construction and inspections inside the data center

Management of power, communication lines, and various other types of construction inside the data center and management of annual inspections and other types of data center equipment inspections, etc.

*CFD is an acronym of Computational Fluid Dynamics. It is a simulation tool which visualizes the server room temperature and airflow.

Proposals for various BroadBand Tower services

We offer proposals for various products and services offered by BroadBand Tower.

Network services


Through BroadBand Tower's data centers, we offer connectivity with the major Japanese IX (internet exchange point) providers and the leading cloud providers.
The connection to the backbone network, which has a bandwidth of over 260 Gbps, can be configured according to customer needs from 1 Mbps up to Gbps levels. We adopt a 95% rule so that momentary increases in traffic have no effect on the service charges.

"c9" cloud service


As the first company in Japan to be certified under the STAR Certification cloud security certification system, BroadBand Tower offers its own "c9" cloud service.
Virtual and physical servers, etc. can be configured according to customer requests and various objectives.

Storage products (Dell EMC Isilon / Scality RING)


We handle state-of-the-art storage products matched to various needs including support for big data, virtualization, cloud computing, storage server integration, etc.

"Dell EMC Isilon Scale-Out NAS"
Next-generation storage appliance which boasts flexible scalability

"Scality RING"
SDS (Software Defined Storage) which implements large-scale storage systems on general-purpose server equipment

BroadBand Tower's operational results

BroadBand Tower has provided services as a specialty data center operator since it was established in 2000 and currently manages over 4,000 racks.

Furthermore, because we build the management systems required for data center operation on our own, the aggregated know-how is used in personnel training, which increases our comprehensive knowledge of data center construction and operation as a result.

BroadBand Tower is constantly improving, streamlining, and optimizing various operations to improve our services for customers.

  • We have operated the service infrastructure for major search engine providers, AI and IoT providers, automobile companies, etc. over many years
  • We operate data centers which can be connected on-premises to all of the communications carriers and the three major Japanese IX providers (JPIX, BBIX, and JPNAP)


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